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china Custom Wheelchair Restraint System Easy Lock (X-803-1) manufacturers - power lock

china Custom Wheelchair Restraint System Easy Lock (X-803-1) manufacturers

Item Description

1. Wheelchair restraint program can make certain safety of wheelchair by a basic way throughout vehicle managing, simple procedure. When the wheelchair drive into docking program and the lock pin on wheelchair insert into lock mounted on floor, it will be locked immediately. If you want to depart docking method, you just need to thrust release change to release lock. The edge of wheelchair docking method is that it needn’t basic safety belt and constrain wheelchair by retractor or safety belt.

2. Characteristics
Ø Basic safety, the lock can only be introduced when ignition is OFF. In situation wheelchair passenger be wounded when driver drive launch switch wrongly in the course of managing.
Ø If the wheelchair is not locked, the warning alarm appears. Only when wheelchair is locked, the warning alarm stops.

3. Working Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.
Wheelchair docking program is easy and straightforward to use. When we push the wheelchair into the car, the pin into the docking program, the CZPT wheelchair bracket is locked, and then the wheelchair is fastened. Release the docking method, press the switch evenly, the docking technique will be unlocked, and you can pull out the wheelchair with protection.


china  Custom Wheelchair Restraint System Easy Lock (X-803-1) makers